I'm Henry.

I'm a software engineer.
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Random Recipe Project

A modern take on cookbooks to generates random recipes which you can save and sift through.


Blog Project

A Fullstack project for users to blog about different types of board games with a social media styled display.


Unplug Project

This is my most recent project and it seeks to connect other college university with other students on campus.


About Me

Hello, I am an alumni from U.C. Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Cognitive Science with a focus in AI/HCI. I've always liked putting things back together after I breaking or fiddling with them. I've always envisioned creating something that revolutionizes the world and how we interact with one another, hence the reason I got into software engineering. It all started with my coursework and time in college from taking classes on inclusive technology, to my own everyday experiences in college, further progressing my path into programming. While in college, I really enjoyed collaborating with my peers and wanted to continue doing so in my professional career. In my spare time, I like working on projects, attempting/working on leetcode or just playing board games with friends, playing piano, taking pictures, biking, keeping up with stocks and spend time exploring new places.